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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


SD Spotlight: Joe Baisch

"In our work for the Solar Decathlon, we are becoming familiar with some computer software used in the industry (Revit Architecture, 3ds Max, Vectorworks, Adobe Creative Suite). While these programs are powerful design tools, struggling with their intricacies has allowed all team members to appreciate the flexibility of hand drawings. In the Architectural Studies Program at Middlebury, we are discouraged from relying on computer programs for our work. We are taught to describe our ideas using models and drawings created by hand, and accordingly learn to conceptually and creatively approach design projects.

(Modeled in RevIt; Rendered in 3ds max; Organized in Adobe Photoshop)

(It's nice to be working on hand drawings again.)

As we have been honing in on Self Reliance's final form and floor plan, we have started to design important details. Recently, students have been focusing on the post and beam brackets and partition wall joinery. With these details we hope to truthfully expose how Self Reliance is put together and to reveal the forces at work in the home. More images to come as the designs are resolved."

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